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Be prepared for Pick-Up

Wash your car! This may sound strange, but being able to properly assess your vehicles condition is extremely important. You will clearly be able to identify chips and scratches on your automobile. These damages will be easily documented and detailed on your inspection report. By doing so, this will eliminate the possibility of questions regarding “responsibility of damages” upon the delivery of your vehicle.

Empty your car out! Your auto shipping company isn’t responsible for items left in your vehicle.  Personal items are not covered by insurance and add to the total weight of the transport.

Turn off your car alarm. Your transport company isn’t likely to hear, let alone take the time to find the way to disable your car alarm if it goes off during transport. You don’t want your car arriving at it’s destination with a dead battery.

Run down your gas tank. Try to keep your tank to a minimum when preparing for transport. This isn’t only a weight issue. Safety is also a major concern of the Transport Company. Your carrier will appreciate your efforts.

Remove and/or secure any special effects on your car. Spoilers, fog lights and antennas can all be damaged during transport. You may also want to turn in mirrors if when possible.

Transport your convertible with the top up and secured properly. If you can’t raise the top, you should secure your car with tarp that prohibits moisture and wind from causing damage to your vehicle. If you’re concerned about the possibility of damage caused by the elements you should consider ‘enclosed” transport for your automobile.

Check the air pressure of your tires and make sure that your battery is fully charged. You may want to consider taking your car in for an oil change and have your fluids topped off.  If your car is leaking anything, especially brake or transmission fluid the driver won’t want to load your automobile on the top of his trailer. You wouldn’t appreciate your car being exposed to this type of damage so be considerate to others; keep the driver informed.

If your vehicle is difficult to start, or it just has a mind of its own let the driver know. You don’t want to be charged extra money if the driver has a problem loading or unloading your automobile. Leave a note, or document your instructions on the “Bill of Landing”.


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