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I'm Moving and Want to Pack My Shipped Car, Too

It would seem to make sense that a car being shipped due to a move could be packed up with household items. Unfortunately, this practical solution is not legally available.

Auto transport companies, by federal law, are only allowed to transport vehicles. They are not allowed to ship things such as household items. Auto transport company carrier trucks are subject to inspection by the police and at every state line. If items that are in violation of the law are found in any of the vehicles, there are strictly enforced consequences.

The vehicle in question can be impounded. The auto transport company will be given a hefty fine – up to $10,000. If they are fined due to your vehicle being in violation, they will pass the bill onto you.

Besides household items, there are other things are not allowed such as any item that is illegal, all firearms, and all hazardous materials. Ask your auto transport company in advance for any detailed list of banned items they may have. That extra quart of motor oil you like to keep in the trunk may not be allowed.

Another aspect of the equation is weight. Auto transport company carriers can only carry so much weight, and you are charged for the weight of your vehicle. This is part of the reason why vehicle owners are asked to only have 1/4 of a tank of gas in their vehicle – to help reduce the overall weight.

It is important to remove all personal property, and to make your vehicle as lightweight as possible. It is acceptable to leave things such as a spare tire in your trunk. Be careful to not leave anything in your vehicle that you may need before the vehicle arrives at its destination point. The auto transport company cannot be held liable for such items or for delays in you getting personal possessions you left in your vehicle.


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