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Importance of Having a Pre and Post Shipping Inspection

Having an inspection before and after the shipping of your car is a very wise action to take. And during this inspection there are also important matters that you have to put your attention to. You may not want to end up having a headache because of the trouble you had gotten into. Pre-shipping inspection is a very important matter. And having a car shipping checklist would also be very helpful.

Here are some of the things that you have to put in your checklist if your car will undergo any inspection. The first thing that you have to make sure is that you are able to oversee the inspection personally. You are the only one who knows the status of your car. You would be able to give an accurate description of it.

Do you know how important it is? Without the proper pre-shipping inspection, you will not be able to justify the damages, if there had been any that had been done to your car during the shipping. Proper inspection before the shipment would put you in authority to easily see if there is any damage done to your car. You can easily point these things out because you are there before the shipping.
Another thing that you have to put in your car shipping checklist is to watch out closely for the damages that your car has. They would also provide a document that you will sign in order to confirm the condition of the vehicle. Another issue that you have to bear in mind is the accuracy of your description about the car because without this you would surely be in a lot of trouble after the vehicle had been delivered. Also have the effort to read the company’s insurance manual so that you would learn anything from them. There are times that customers are shocked if the company is giving them extra charges on certain things. There are companies that give extra charges whenever you get late in an appointment for example in the inspection o your car before shipping. These kinds of customers failed to know the processes, deductibles, coverage amounts and lots of more. Remember that reading the manuals is very important. Ignorance about their policies won’t do you any good. Better open your eyes on the ways that can help you and to watch out closely for the possible things that you will encounter. To think ahead is not wrong but neglecting of things that you could have done is wrong. Having preventive measures is a whole lot better than thinking of ways on how to get out of the mess when it is at your front. Be wise and be attentive at all times.


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