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What to Leave in the Vehicle Being Shipped

If you are moving, it may seem practical to fill up your vehicle with personal possessions prior to it being shipped. This however is generally unacceptable by many auto shipping companies. Due to federal regulations and insurance policies governing the auto shipping industry, vehicles being shipped usually must be free of any and all personal possessions prior to shipping.

Auto shipping companies have to consider liability for your personal possessions as well as weight limits on their carriers. There may be extra charges for having items in your vehicle, or they may be unable to take your vehicle until personal possessions are removed.

Common sense would dictate that it would probably be safer for personal items, especially those of value, to be in your personal possession. Go through your vehicle. Check all compartments, under all seats, and in the trunk. Remove all items that are on the exterior that are not securely attached. The wind factor on carriers during transport may blow off anything that is not securely attached to your vehicle. This includes decorative antenna toppers and unsecured truck bed liners.

Things such as your spare tire and jack should be ok to leave in your vehicle. Ask your chosen auto shipping company for specifics, and any fees related to items left in vehicles.

Be sure to find out this information prior to signing a contract with any carrier, and to do a thorough check of your vehicle prior to the auto shipping company pickup of your vehicle.

Also, ask your auto shipping company about how much fuel to leave in your vehicle. For most, 1/4 tank is the guideline. This may be a problem if you need to drop off your vehicle to the auto shipping company, or pick it up from an auto shipping company location.


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